New state support for German families in arranging daycare for toddlers

As of 1 August 2013, a new law has come into effect in Germany that guarantees families with children between the ages of one and three a right to receive daycare for their little ones.

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The idea behind the legislation is that parents need support in coming to terms with the multiple demands of family and professional life. The new legislation seeks to help them by creating new daycare opportunities in publicly financed facilities. If use is not made of these facilities and the children remain at home, then families will receive a direct support payment of €100 per month (increasing to €150 per month starting in August 2014) per child aged 1 to 3. However, families receive this payment only for children born after 1 August 2012.

At AuPairWorld we have long sought to help families find the best solutions for handling the dual challenges of successfully taking care of children and at the same time meeting professional responsibilities. The au pair option for childcare is well known for bringing together a unique set of benefits – high flexibility, cultural exchange, new impulses and energy inside the family unit.

And with the recently implemented legislation in Germany, families can now tap into a new source of state support to finance an au pair when their children are between the ages of one and three years of age.Without doubt good news for busy parents!