More choice, more flexibility, more value for AuPairWorld Premium Members

AuPairWorld is offering new Premium Membership options to accommodate the various searching needs of different host families.

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The path to a new au pair is different for each family. Some families prefer to plan far in advance. Others are more last-minute types. Some families have their homes in areas that are in high demand among many au pairs (major urban centres for example). Others need to search among a smaller group of potential au pairs who are attracted to the particular region and situation that they are able to offer.

To better accommodate the wide variety of living situations and searching strategies that are included among our AuPairWorld Premium customers, we have developed a new set of Premium options. These options should give host families more flexibility and enhanced value as they make use of AuPairWorld's services.

New Premium options

Three new options are already available:

Premium Compact: A full month of Premium service for 39.90 EUR. For families who are confident that they can select an au pair relatively quickly. Well suited for families living in high demand areas or for families who “know what they want”.

Premium Plus: Three months of full Premium service for 69.90 EUR provide lots of flexibility and possibilities for arranging just the right au pair for your requirements. For families that want more time for their au pair searching or who perhaps want to arrange two au pair stays through a single Premium Membership. 

Premium 365: A full year of unlimited Premium service from AuPairWorld for 129.90 EUR. Arrange longer and shorter au pair stays for your family throughout the year exactly as fits best with no worries and no fuss.

Now, the choice is yours.

Some things stay the same

And, of course, AuPairWorld will continue to provide the widest selection of au pairs available anywhere on the Internet. Plus our proven searching tools and information offerings about all aspects of au pairing. In short, the complete package that has made us the market leader for au pairing in the Internet and allowed us to serve more than 2.3 million satisfied customers.