A new homepage for AuPairWorld

We're changing our look and aiming to make AuPairWorld even more user friendly.

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The last major redesign of the APW homepage came in summer 2013 with the introduction of responsive design to make the website compatible with all devices from smart phones to desktops. Now it's time to update our look once again with improvements to help our users access our information and services as easily as possible.

Showing what we have to offer

The new design of the homepage should make it possible for new arrivals to the website to quickly and clearly see all we have to offer:

  • Of course, a key benefit of the website is the outstanding matching service it provides to au pairs and host families. We've tried to make that obvious from the very first moment of arriving at the site and explain how the process works clearly and simply.
  • To access this benefit, you need to register, and with the new homepage we highlight the way to the registration step.
  • Key videos and texts that define our au pairing philosophy and show how our company works also have a more prominent place on the new homepage.
  • The News section continues to have a place on the homepage but is less strongly featured than before, while the possibility of getting in touch with AuPairWorld staff has been made even easier to access.

We hope you like our new look, and as always we'll be interested to hear any feedback you may have!