New function in the messaging system: Now you can restart old conversations!

We've improved our messaging system! With fewer standardardised texts, communication can now be more personal.

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We've taken your suggestions on board and revamped our messaging system. The new features include: shorter standardised texts, being able to include personalised text when sending negative replies, and the possibility to re-start previously ended conversations.


Simplified negative replies, which include personalised text

Instead of having many different types of standardised negative reply to choose from, from now on there is only one standardised reply, which is a lot shorter. This makes sending negative replies a lot faster, and means that au pairs and Premium host familes don't have to give a reason for their negative reply if they don't want to. At the same time they have the chance to let their conversational partner know the reasons for a negative reply, by including personalised text in the messages if they wish.

Restart previously ended conversations

A wish of many of our users, was to allow conversations (even those which contain negative replies) to be continued at any time. We were happy to fulfil this wish, and it is now possible to continue any conversation, provided that your conversational partner's profile is still active. You therefore shouldn't hesitate to send negative replies to au pairs or host families, who don't really correspond with your expectations, as this makes it easier to communicate with one another and helps everyone to know where they stand.

For more help with our messaging system have a look at our page how to use the messaging system.