New EasyFind function: Filter the profiles you receive

You would like to only see the profiles in your EasyFind from persons with whom you've not yet started a conversation? No problem! With our new filter function in EasyFind you can easily filter profiles to suit your communication needs.  

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Just a few weeks ago we implemented a user suggestion to make it possible for users to write personal notes within AuPairWorld profiles so that they can keep better track of their search activities. Now we have realised another new function that users have requested, again with the aim of making your searching easier. Starting now you can filter the profiles appearing in your EasyFind according to whether you have already started a conversation with the listed the au pairs / host families or not yet.

Where do I find the new function?

It's very simple. The new filter is located in your EasyFind on the right-hand side of the screen directly above your list of EasyFind profiles. You have three filter possibilities: "All matches", "Conversation already started" or "Conversation not started yet". 

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