Nearly 100 au pairs gather in Frankfurt

AuPairWorld's first Au Pair Meeting was a great success – with good food, good times and super au pairs from around the world

First Au-pair Meeting in Frankfurt
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It is a new concept for AuPairWorld – organising a local get-together for au pairs in a particular host country. The first real-life experiment with this concept took place on Sunday, September 18 in the heart of Frankfurt, and it seems that everyone involved found lots to enjoy.

Au pairs from 30 different countries

The Frankfurt Au Pair Meeting took place at a historic rowing club with the Main River and the Frankfurt city skyline directly in view. Au Pairs from 30 different countries who are currently staying with families in Germany came together for a day of common activities.

Collage of the au pair meeting in Frankfurt

Discussing au pair topics

A team of 10 AuPairWorld staff members was also on hand for the event and had prepared different topics for discussion groups, such as getting to know Germany, childcare, leisure time, the AuPairWorld website and general au pairing questions. At the same time, it was important for AuPairWorld not only to give information but to hear from the au pairs as they reported in person about their needs and wishes and expectations.

Tasty food, photo fun, dancing action

And things weren't always so serious. Au pairs had a great time with the Foto Box booth that let them take pictures together with their new friends (more on this later in an upcoming news). And the rhythm team of Synergy Beats got everybody on their feet and dancing to the music. Along the way there was plenty of good food and good drinks so that by the time au pairs were heading home at 3:00 pm everyone seemed happy and satisfied. We at AuPairWorld, in any case, were grateful for the chance to enjoy a day with the au pairs we serve at!