Making of #aupairingis – AuPairWorld in front and behind the camera

And the Oscar goes to...the performers of AuPairWorld with their video #aupairingis. We do not intend to judge whether our clip may actually deserve an Oscar or not. One thing's for sure, though: we had a really great time shooting. Just take a look for yourselves! ;-)

Making of "aupairingis"
, in AuPairWorld News

Usually, Sara is sitting in her office at AuPairWorld in Kassel, busy translating content into Spanish. You may already know Alejandro from our Webinars. Jochen, on the other hand, is keeping our website up and running, while Marina is helping you from within our support team. However, two weeks ago, they were all actors, participating in our video shooting #aupairingis. By making this clip, we intended to catch your attention regarding our Instagram Contest. Your photo upload, including the hashtag #aupairingis, may well win you a weekend in Amsterdam or any of our many other cool AuPairWorld Gadgets. This deserves an appropriate kickoff, don't you think? Thus, we decided to work for you flat out and sniff a bit of that Hollywood Air. ;-)



AuPairWorld team
Funny photo with the AuPairWorld team


Video scene
Brightly coloured hands
Video scene


Chilling on the longboard
AuPairWorld team chatting away
Camera team