A revolutionary new system for au pair support: LocalCare by AuPairWorld

LocalCare, a new offering from AuPairWorld, gives au pairs a friendly, professional contact person – their LocalCare Coach – directly available in their host country communities.

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AuPairWorld has developed into the world's most-used, most-trusted website for au pairs and host families by giving its users great matching services, the best information in the Web all about au pairing, and friendly, competent customer service via telephone and email.

Now AuPairWorld is extending its services to provide support for au pairs directly in their host countries. By organising a team of LocalCare Coaches directly in the cities and towns where au pairs are living together with their host families, AuPairWorld is able to provide a totally new form of support for the au pair experience. We call it LocalCare.

Local experts

The LocalCare Coaches are experienced host parents who know all the ins and outs of an au pair stay in their host country and in their particular location. Now they are working as independent on-site repersentatives of AuPairWorld LocalCare with the aim of helping au pairs with all aspects of the au pair experience.

LocalCare Coaches build a relationship with their au pair clients through a structured series of personal visits and regular check-in phone calls. And LocalCare Coaches don't only develop a one-to-one relationship with their au pairs. They also organize monthly Au Pair Get Togethers where all the LocalCare AuPairWorld au pairs in the area have the chance to meet each other, make friends and exchange impressions  – a special opportunity for au pairs looking for contact with other young people their own age in the new country.

Launch in Australia

The new service is being implemented first in Australia, a dream destination for many au pairs. With six months of comprehensive support from a LocalCare Coach, au pairs travelling “down under” can be sure to get the most out of their experience and enjoy a new dimension of support in their au pair adventures.

Find out all about the new service: where it's available in Australia, how to book your LocalCare Coach and how much it costs at the new website LocalCare Australia. It's the newest thing in au pairing – exclusively from AuPairWorld.