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This is the name of the new format of our Question of the Week true to the motto "keep it simple!" Uwe Regenbogen, the founder of AuPairWorld, explains its advantages in an interview with Ellen Nickel.


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AuPairWorld has been publishing the question of the week for one year. What was the idea behind it?

First and foremost, the question of the week was meant to provide an insight into our company and our tasks. We receive between 50 and 100 phone calls daily and monthly more than 4000 enquiries via e-mail. Our work mainly consists of replying to the questions asked by our host families and au pairs. Thus, we help them make the right decision. That is the reason why we have always picked out one of these questions.

What will change from now on?

We would like to make things even more clear by implementing this new format and answer even more questions in order to optimally support our users. The question of the week met with the approval of our users. It has been quoted and twittered again and again. We have focussed on only one question so far. Now it is called: "One topic – your questions". By this means, we wish to reach our users closer by tackling their enquiries. What benefits will the user have? Quick and concise answers cut to the chase to the respective topic plus additional links where possible and required.

When will it be given its new format?

It will be online by the end of November. Stefanie, member of the AuPairWorld editorial staff, will be the contact person.

What topics can we expect?

The topic of the first edition will be pocket money. There will be more specific topics later, such as working hours. Common and current topics will be tackled. Accordingly, a great deal of knowledge will be collected during the next years which users can quickly access. Moreover, our objective is to get our users more involved in proposing new topics. Stefanie will collect the main points and publish the answer on our website. Therefore, users are welcome to inform us about their topics of interest and we will be able to process it in a quick and simple way. There will be a comments box for direct communication soon. We aim at announcing the respective topics one week in advance. This will leave us enough time to consider current user questions and translate them into the different languages.

The website as a whole has changed a lot during the last years. Is the company AuPairWorld changing as well?

Yes! We have many new employees. Together we would like to produce more content for our users. This includes editorial topics as well as practical help and tips. Our focus from now on will be on what the daily routine of an au pair looks like in real life. In this respect, new formats will follow, video clips for instance. Besides, we would like to make our website more user-friendly true to the motto "keep it simple!"

AuPairWorld – the world's leading au pair agency on the Internet. What does this exactly mean? Who or what is AuPairWorld today?

By the end of this year, more than 30,000 au pairs will have found their place with a host family through our website. Since 1999, many host families and au pairs have used AuPairWorld for their search on a regular basis. In 2011, more than 210,000 users registered on AuPairWorld. Thus we are committed to making the most of our responsibility towards our users. We want to promote the idea of au pairing and not just focus on ourselves. We are simply not just a website, neither are we a classic agency. We want to be a combination of both. This means providing advice and information as a classic agency does, and at the same time, being available and prompt which is guaranteed by the Internet. Being able to combine these two issues is very important to us. We are also available at night and at 3 o'clock in the morning in Australia and Brazil!

Can we expect more surprises?

No surprises, but further developments. Definitely, a lot of new things will come about in the future. I am already looking forward to January 2012, for instance, as we will publish the first videos on our website. In this context, running after trends is not our intention. The most important thing to us is our user and remaining an available and reliable partner.


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