A bright spot: Inter-European au pair stays

With corona restrictions being loosened in large parts of the EU, families and au pairs have lots of good options for an au pair stay.

Au-pair Stay around Europe
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In March and April and going on into May in large parts of Europe, travel was nearly impossible. Borders were closed. Severe lockdown measures were in place. And with these developments it was harder than ever before for au pairs and host families to make arrangements for a new au pair stay.

A better situation now

Of course, corona continues to be a problem for all of us around the world. But very happily, there has been significant progress fighting the virus in many countries – particularly in large parts of the Schengen area of the European Union. 

    What's possible in travel

    Travel between almost all European countries is now possible. The website Re-open EU provides up-to-date, official information about current travel possibilities. Simply select a desired European destination and you have all the relevant travel info in a clear and concise form to make your travel plans.

    What's possible in European matches on AuPairWorld 

    There are thousands of au pairs living in high-volume European countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom who are currently searching for a host family. 

    Likewise, there are thousands of host families in these same high-volume European countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom who are looking for au pairs.

    Matches are waiting to be made!

    And in smaller European countries with less volume, there are hundreds and hundreds of more options. Au pairs and host families from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland are available who are looking for matches.

    How to find a European match with the AuPairWorld platform

    With the AuPairWorld platform it's very easy to carry out a search for available au pairs based in EU/EFTA countries. If you're a registered user and logged in at AuPairWorld, this link will bring you to your Search Criteria where you can set your preferences for the nationality of your desired au pair or host family:

    Set your search criteria

    Families can simply select the option "EU and EFTA Countries" (second in the list) and you'll have access to all the au pairs currently searching from those countries. Au pairs have the option of choosing up to 7 specific countries to target for their au pair stay.

    Taking advantage of the situation now in Europe

    Au pairing within the EU has a long tradition. Young people and families have had great experiences for decades making contact and arranging au pair stays from one European country to another. With the uncertainties connected with the coronavirus, this makes the classic advantages of an inter-European au pair stays seem particularly attractive:

    • There are no questions or problems regarding visas
    • Travel arrangements are simpler and shorter
    • Everyone involved is more flexible and better able to handle unexpected changes in the overall situation

    The borders are open. Life goes on. AuPairWorld is there to support your plans!