Video: Bethie & Sedef tell it like it is

London-based host mom Bethie and her German au pair Sedef answered questions about how au pairing has really worked for them in a highly popular Instagram Q&A. We've put together a YouTube video with 10 minutes of highlights from the session.

Bethie with her family and au pair Sedef

In front of the camera, it's clear that Bethie and Sedef enjoy each other's company. With host dad Jason handling the incoming questions, their Instagram Q&A about au pairing was a real family affair.

Key questions

They answered many of the key questions that new host families and au pairs are asking as they wonder – "Could au pairing be the right thing for me – or for us?":

  • How do you choose the right au pairing partner with an online service?
  • How do you make friends when you move to a new country as an au pair?
  • How does the cooperation between a family and an au pair really work?

Special benefits

The fact that au pairing can bring special benefits to a family and to a young person is communicated most clearly in the charming, cheerful way that host mom Bethie and au pair Sedef relate to each other as they handle the different questions from the Instagram audience.

We think you'll enjoy spending some time with the two of them in this video.


About our Instagram collaborators:

Bethie and Sedef

Host mom Bethie Hungerford is an American-born, London-based mother who runs the popular Instagram blog Hungermama. Her au pair Sedef has completed a 9-month au pair stay in London and can be found on Instagram at @sedef_uz.