So many enquiries!

Question of the week (4 October 2010). Host mum Hanne P. from Germany receives 50 au pair applications per day. She did not expect this onslaught. She wonders, whether the AuPairWorld Support Team could explain the reason to her. 

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Dear Support Team, 

For years I have been a regular user of the Premium Membership and I always found a nice au pair through AuPairWorld. Only recently, it was time to give it a shot again. However, regrettably, I found that I was receiving up to 50 au pair applications a day since I registered. Formerly this was not the case.

I feel, as if all au pairs, who were still active and who more or less matched our profile, were automatically being forwarded to us. Due to this load of emails, I hardly have the chance of wholeheartedly replying to these applications. Are they being sent out to host families on an automated basis, or rather do genuine au pairs contact me on their own free will?

Kind regards

Hanne P.

Antwort des Support Teams

Dear Ms P.,

Thank you very much for your email. Yes, it is indeed (and fortunately) the au pairs, who sent you their applications of their own free will. They are genuine. No auto reply machines. That's guaranteed!

Currently, more than 17,000 au pairs and 7,000 host families are using AuPairWorld for their search. We think this is just wonderful: more and more host families and even more au pairs meet on AuPairWorld. This helps you find just the right au pair. Thus, more and more au pairs find their host families through AuPairWorld. This is great - and just the way it should be.

With regard to your personal security: we naturally ensure that you are safe at all times. You search and find, we take care of you. By doing so, AuPairWorld has become the most popular Au Pair Agency - Worldwide! And it has been so for many, many years! If you wish to slightly reduce the number of applications, you should limit your search criteria. Thus, your EasyFind will no longer provide so many results and you will consequently receive fewer au pair applications.

I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you, hoping that you will soon find a nice au pair.

Good luck and all the best,

Uwe Regenbogen