Why am I contacted by so few English-speaking au pairs?

Question of the week (15 November 2010). Corinne G. from France registered as a host family on AuPairWorld two weeks ago. Her question: Why am I contacted by so few anglophone au pairs?

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Dear Support Team,

I registered as a host family on AuPairWorld two weeks ago. I have been looking for an anglophone au pair from England, the USA or Ireland. However, so far I have not received as many applications as I had expected. Is there anything I have done wrong?

Corinne G. from France

Our Support Team's reply

Dear Corinne,

The reason why you have received so few applications might be that you are only searching native speakers from the UK, the USA or Ireland as an anglophone au pair. What you probably have not considered: au pairs from Romania, Sweden, the Ukraine or Poland for example can also speak English. The knowledge of the English language shouldn't be the only criterion for your search. In our opinion, it is much more important that your au pair has a basic knowledge of the language spoken in the host country. Eventually, au pairs are supposed to take care of children and while doing so, the au pairs should be able to warn your children of a car or a hot plate in a language they can understand, shouldn't they? ;-) 

Kind regards, 

Your AuPairWorld Support Team