Find a summer au pair: A great plan for your family in 2017

Adding a summer au pair to the family mix can bring a new dimension of freedom and relaxation to summertime for busy parents. And it opens up new cultural dimensions for the whole family, too.

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In the long school holiday period in summer, your kids get a nice chance to relax and recharge. But what about you? For many parents, arranging child care when school is not in session is a special challenge and can even make for added stress (no one's first wish for the warmer season).

Summertime is the best time

Luckily, the summer months are a time when many young people are also having a break from school or university. During this time, many of them are interested in finding opportunities that allow for a mix of work and international travel. This creates the basis for a simple win-win situation. Families can make contact with these prospective au pairs at AuPairWorld and can arrange an au pair stay for the course of the summer – what we call a "summer au pair". 

  • Your family immediately gains the benefit of having a young adult who provides live-in help with the kids. 
  • Your au pair has an exciting and culturally enriching adventure in a foreign country in the safe and affordable context of a family setting.

A first taste of au pairing

Some families are uncertain whether au pairing is really right for them. Having a summer au pair lets you find out about all the benefits of au pairing (as well as about any problems it might create in your particular family situation) without making a longer term commitment. 

You arrange an au pair stay for a clearly defined period of time at a time of year when the advantages of having an extra person on the family team can be especially beneficial. If things go well (as they do for most families), then you're ready for further au pair adventures come autumn. And if au pairing is not exactly your family's cup of tea, then the one-time adventure has reached a swift conclusion.

Learn about au pairing with AuPairWorld

AuPairWorld has been the world's leading website for arranging au pair stays for more than 15 years. Having served upwards of 2.4 million families and au pairs in this time, we know a lot about au pairing. We try to share that knowledge with families and au pairs to make this special form of international exchange and family management work in the best possible way.

On our website you can find out about other families' experiences with au pairing in our section Au Pair Stories. You can learn about all the organisational details of an au pair stay for your own country in our section Info Host Countries. You can see a video that gives background about our company, or read about how we understand the au pair experience in the overview text "Our basic idea of au pairing".

And most practically, you can register on AuPairWorld and create a profile (free of charge until you make personal contact with specific au pairs) and begin your search for an au pair. It's that easy to bring a new dimension of international exchange and family relaxation to your own family's summer 2017 experience!