Thank you for your overwhelming feedback

Since Monday, Premium Members and their conversational partners have been able to exchange messages as often as they like – no matter whose turn it is. The new functionality of our messaging system has been heartily approved of by our users. 

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On Friday, we had already informed our users by e-mail on the new functionality to come. Only a few minutes later, we had already received the first comments from au pairs and host families.

  • „This is very much appreciated!! Thank you for letting me know about the change, its great to see that you are taking feedback and request seriously.“
  • „Mit Sicherheit werden wir auch unser nächstes Au Pair wieder über Au Pair World suchen und Sie weiterempfehlen. Danke, dass es solch einen tollen Service gibt!!"
  • „Having used you for several years now, I really like the changes and the fact that addresses are hidden from everyone, however, I did struggle with the ping-pong issue and am glad you have removed it.“

We have received more than 500 e-mails since then and would like to thank you all for this overwhelming feedback and the numerous constructive ideas and suggestions for improvement. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer each e-mail personally.  

We will keep on working on our messaging system, as it helps you to quickly find a suitable au pair or host family. We therefore appreciate your comments and suggestions. Please send us an e-mail! We are always grateful to receive your feedback and ideas.