Can non-EU au pairs enter the European Union now?

Good news for au pairs and host families: The EU Commission has published guidelines that should allow au pairs from non-EU countries to come to enter the European Union even during the corona pandemic. Germany and Denmark have already taken formal steps in implementing these new guidelines.


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For a long period during the summer months of the pandemic it was forbidden for non-EU au pairs to enter the EU. Now the EU Commission has released new guidelines that recommend au pairs, volunteers and other persons travelling for study or research be exempted from the pandemic-related travel restrictions and be allowed entry into the EU with the appropriate visa.

Germany allows entry of au pairs from non-EU countries

Germany has already taken action in response to these guidelines and effective immediately has opened its borders again to au pairs from countries outside of the EU with an appropriate visa . According to the website of the German Federal Police, entry for au pairs, interns and volunteers is now possible. The planned stay in ermany must be for a period of at least six months.

Au pairs from non-EU countries who would like to travel to Germany can now apply for the appropriate visa at the German embassy in their home countries. Au pairs from within the EU can, of course, continue to come to Germany for au pair stays as usual. We hope that other countries will follow the example of Germany and Denmark and quickly implement the guidelines so that au pairs from outside of the EU can move ahead with their au pair plans. 

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