Ellen in Ireland: A new multimedia blogging project

Our editor Ellen Nickel is heading out into the field to serve as an au pair and will be reporting about her experiences in our new AuPairWorld blog –http://www.myaupairexperience.com/ellen-in-ireland/

, in Archive

In her job as an editor at the AuPairWorld website since 2011, Ellen has been very much involved in the au pair experience – but more as an observer and explainer than a direct participant. Now she's going to get a completely new perspective (and be sharing it with others) by serving as an au pair herself for six months with a host family in Ireland.

Au pair and blogger both at once

While being an au pair, Ellen will also continue in a special role for AuPairWorld. She'll be serving as AuPairWorld's first au pair blogger, reporting with videos, texts and still images about all aspects of her au pair experience. Her posts will appear in the new AuPairWorld blog space. And to make things even more interesting, Ellen's host family will also be given the opportunity to post at the new blog space, too.

Using everything the Internet has got to give

Every au pair stay is its own adventure. Over the years at AuPairWorld, we've been able to see that these are adventures with many dimensions and all kinds of different benefits. Now as the leading Internet platform for au pair stay services of all sorts, we want to use the full range of possibilities provided by our chosen online realm to let the au pair experience come alive for all our users in a new way.

Ellen's story

So Ellen will be telling her story in text posts at the new blog. And she'll also be shooting video sequences and still pictures to give an up close and personal feeling about what's happening in the course of her stay.
Every au pair grows and changes during the experience. She gains a new family, makes new friends, learns a language, struggles to do her best in all kinds of new situations. Ellen will be bringing exactly these experiences to AuPairWorld users with her blog. And she'll be supported by the added perspective coming from input from her host family, who will have their own story to tell of children growing up and family life going on.

At AuPairWorld, we're very excited about the project and urge you to stay tuned.

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