New website feature: Check where you can go for your au pair stay

AuPairWorld has implemented a convenient new country check functionality that lets au pairs see which countries are possible for an au pair stay depending on an au pair's nationality and other criteria.

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For au pairs, one of the first steps for planning an adventure abroad is to decide which host country (or countries) they are interested in. This has, of course, to do with personal preferences and interests as well as with existing language skills. But there is also a legal aspect to this decision. Visa regulations can restrict entry for au pairs from some countries into certain other countries.

A convenient tool for au pairs

For all au pairs, the new AuPairWorld Country Check page gives a simple and convenient answer to the question which countries would be possible for their own individual au pairing plans. After entering a few basic pieces of information about oneself (nationality, age, language skills, etc), one receives a list of possible countries where an au pair stay can take place. 

By clicking on the individual countries that are shown in the country check results, one then can get more detailed information about what the necessary visa procedures (if any) will be. With the new Country Check functionality, it's easy to get started right now getting an overview where your au pair plans might take you.

EU and non-EU au pairs

EU-based au pairs are basically free to be an au pair in any other EU country. When EU-based au pairs want to go to a non-EU country, other regulations apply and it's necessary to check whether travel to the chosen host country will be possible. Au pairs from non-EU countries also have a mix of possibilities and restrictions depending on where they are from. They therefore need to check exactly what their travel possibilities are.

Host families can check in Info Host Countries for visa information

When host families specify their preferred countries for au pair candidates in their AuPairWorld profiles, it is also useful for them to know what the visa requirements in their own country are.  This information is provided in the AuPairWorld section Info Host Countries for 21 different countries. It can be found under the heading "Entry Requirements and Visa" for each country at the bottom of the respective country pages.