How to search for an au pair in coronavirus times

In addition to the new search filter for in-country au pairs that AuPairWorld implemented last year, there are other useful tricks to optimise your search for an au pair in corona times.

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In all aspects of life, the coronavirus is resulting in unexpected changes and disruptions – and this is also true for au pair stays. Travel across borders is more difficult. Family and work situations are in flux. And although searching for an au pair may seem more complicated than before, there are certain tips that can help you to find potential candidates in an easier way:

Use the filter "show au pairs in my country"

Many au pair candidates are present in various host countries but are not currently with a host family. To help these au pairs come together with families needing an au pair, a filter has been added to the EasyFind search tool. Families can simply use the filter "show au pairs in my country". 

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Since these au pairs are already in the country, they may not be subject to a quarantine or a covid test, so it's a win-win situation.

Add your city in the texts and use the keyword search

Families should also specify the city where they are living in their profile texts. Both au pairs and families can enter city names in the keyword search in EasyFind to help identify possible matches even more quickly.

Check current travel restrictions for entry into your country from abroad

Generally, au pairs must do a quarantine or a PCR Test when they travel from abroad to your country. However, there may be particular countries or nationalities that are currently not allowed to enter your country. It would be advisable to check these conditions before you begin your search. And keep checking regularly since restrictions are changing often.

Find more information for European families see our blog article "Can non-EU au pairs enter the European Union now?"

Travel restrictions per country

Here you can check the current travel restrictions for your country: 

Australia Austria Belgium
Canada Denmark Finland
France Germany Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan
Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Spain Sweden
Switzerland United Kingdom United States

New solutions for difficult times

AuPairWorld is very much aware of the difficulties being caused by the coronavirus for families and au pairs. We want to use the resources of our platform to help our users find the best possible ways of handling this challenging situation.

We will be reviewing other possible platform modifications that could help au pairs and families work together more easily during this emergency period. We also are available as usual with our Customer Support to answer your specific questions. Please feel free to contact us or read our section dedicated to au pairing and the coronavirus situation.