Christmastime: Au pairs get ready (and AuPairWorld, too)

The holiday season is right around the corner and everyone is excited...

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Christmas is coming and Christmas is always extra special

Even as we leave childhood behind, Christmas is one holiday that tends to keep a deep hold on us. Excitement, joy, nostalgia, homesickness, memories, expectations - the season brings a roller coaster of emotions. 

For many of us, Christmas is all about family (just like au pairing). The rituals, the presents, the food, the plan that gets acted out each and every year in family circles. We first "learn" Christmas at home with our parents, and then we carry those Christmas lessons through a lifetime of making up and experiencing new Christmases in new situations.

Christmas: A magic door

For au pairs on their first adventures in foreign lands, Christmas can be like a magic door between two worlds. The old known world of parents and home where one always (somehow) remains a child. And the new au pairing world of another country and another family and another home  – where everything is new and different, and where childhood is being pushed into the past once and for all.

What au pairs are planning

We've been in touch with au pairs via Instagram and asked some simple questions about the coming holiday. 

We received all kinds of interesting answers and would like to share a sampling of these with you as we all get ready for the season:

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Hey guys, Christmas is coming. What are your plans?

  • Become an au pair soon!
  • Celebrate with my host family in Sydney and have a video chat with my German family 
  • Visit the Cologne Christmas Market. Yey!
  • Spend the time with my host family!
  • Visiting my former au pair family in Ireland. Excited like crazy...
  • Coming back to Italy to visit my family
  • Tenerife with my Spanish host family
  • Staying with my host family. First Christmas in snowy Finland.


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Hi guys, what's your favourite Christmas tradition?

  • Make some unique cookies
  • Lots of food
  • Advent calendars
  • Visit with my family


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Thank you for all the answers yesterday, we really enjoy the exchange with you! Question today is: Are you looking forward more to New Year's Eve or Christmas?

New Year's Eve: 33%
Christmas: 67%

Christmas: A time for giving

AuPairWorld is pleased to be able to make a donation of 4000 EUR this year to the organisation SOS Children's Villages, the international charity organization that focuses on the needs of children. We are impressed by their decades of effective support for impoverished children and families and their commitment to education as a key path towards a better life. Closer to our home base in Kassel, Germany, AuPairWorld will also be supporting athletic and childcare activities in the Kassel region. More information on AuPairWorld's Christmas donation and a review of the 2018 business year is available in this press release.

And finally, our very best wishes ...

...To au pairs and host families around the world –  warm holiday wishes to you all! Whether you're at home or abroad, travelling or staying put, AuPairWorld says "Thank You" for your trust in us and your commitment to the adventure and the ideals of au pairing!