Christmas Giving - AuPairWorld supports charities at home and abroad

Christmas donations for Doctors Without Borders and for needy families and children in Germany

Doctors without boarders
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Each year at Christmas, we think about what we can do to help make the world a little bit happier, healthier, friendlier place, and how we can share our good fortune with others who are in need.

Doctors Without Borders
This year, as in 2012, we will donate 1,000 EUR to the organisation Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders already received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 for its outstanding humanitarian work, and year by year it continues to bring medical aid to those in greatest need in crisis areas around the world. The non-political, unbureaucratic and highly effective work of Doctors Without Borders impresses us deeply. Here you can find out more about their various projects around the world

"Aktion Advent"
Closer to our home here in Germany, AuPairWorld is also donating 10% of its incoming revenue for the final week of 2013 to the local charity "Aktion Advent".

Working together with social welfare officials in the North Hesse region of Germany, Aktion Advent directs 100% of the donated funds it receives to two groups of recipients. Needy families in the region receive direct help to make their Christmas season a little bit brighter. And disadvantaged children at local primary schools receive support through various projects to help them get the most out of their early years in school. We are proud to be a part of these activities in our community and are happy to be able to contribute a total of 2,230 EUR to this effort.