Do you have to indicate minor disabilities in your texts?

Irene C. from New Zealand feels uncertain: her child is suffering from Down's Syndrome, a mild intellectual disability. How is this disability to be assessed? Does Irene have to answer the question concerning disabilities with "yes" or "no" while creating her profile and if so -- which consequences will this have?

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We have registered as a family with au pair world. The question, 'do you have a disabled child?' is concerning me. What do you mean by disabled? Do you mean physical disability (wheelchair dependant, missing limbs, blind, deaf) Or intellectually disabled? such as Down syndrome. Or both? I have ticked the box YES to answer this question.

But when I was reading an other families profile (from my country) I read their child has the same condition as mine, but had not ticked YES for disabled child. My child has Downs Syndrome, it is a mild intellectual disability. I am aware that not all countries are as socially adjusted to intellectual disability as ours is. I could not find info on this matter in the terms and conditions. Have I missed something?

Kind regards

Irene C.

Answer of the Support Team

Dear Family C.,

Thank you for your question. Every person has his own definition of "disability". Therefore, some families click "yes", others "no". The point is that au pairs need to answer a similar question, namely, whether they would look after disabled children. This has an influence on the results you get in your EasyFind Feature. If you click "yes", you will receive results of au pairs who are capable of looking after disabled children, whether physically or mentally. Either way, you may explain your child's case in a few sentences in your letters, so that the au pairs will know what they can expect if they come to your family.

I wish you all the best on your search for a nice au pair and a Merry Christmas.

Kind regards

AuPairWorld Support Team