Happy Birthday, Question of the Week!

For a year now, we have been publishing our Question of the Week at AuPairWorld. From November, it will be given a new look. You will have the opportunity to send more enquiries and thus receive more replies.

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Every week, you have been able to discover a new question. The questions have been picked from hundreds of emails and phone enquiries of au pairs and host families worldwide. Naturally, always with the corresponding reply of our support team. This has been the concept of our Question of the Week so far. We have enjoyed it very much, as it has required a lot of professional expertise and was a reason for countless internal discussions. This is exactly how it should be! Therefore, we wish to give a big Thank You to our users.

New motto: „One topic - your questions“

So far, there has been one question every week. As of late November, we will weekly publish more of your questions about a certain topic. This ocurrs because our Question of the Week will have a new concept and look on its first birthday. Even its name will change. Under the motto "one topic - your questions", we will offer a keyword for the following week about which you can send us your enquiries.

Learn more about what it will concretely look like next week in an interview with Uwe Regenbogen, founder of AuPairWorld.

+++ Important note: the "one topic - your questions" section has been moved to Au pair A-Z +++