15 years' AuPairWorld = 15 super prizes for our users to win!

In September AuPairWorld is celebrating its 15th anniversary. As we already announced in August, we'd like to celebrate this important milestone together with you – our users. Take part in our 15 Year Anniversary Contest and have the chance to win terrific prizes.

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"AuPairWorld around the globe" – This is the motto of our 15 Year Anniversary Contest and your chance to show us where you are around the world and maybe to win one of 15 great prizes.

This is how it works

 Send us a photo of yourself as an au pair or a host family, wherever you happen to be – at home, in your host country, on holiday. In your photo include a landmark, a building, a pretty landscape, a place-name sign that is typical of the place where you are. For our company headquarters here in Kassel, Germany, for example, we took pictures that included the Hercules monument (Kassel's most famous landmark) or the Orangerie (the pretty yellow building that today houses a technology museum).

And this should also be in your picture

A connection to AuPairWorld. Here you can bring all your creativity into play. You might include our slogan in your picture (we connect • we care) or the AuPairWorld boomerangs or the AuPairWorld colours turqoise and orange. Whatever you can think of that shows a link to AuPairWorld. Our photos included with this article should give you some ideas to get started with.

And here are the prizes:

15 prizes will be awarded among participants who have submitted a photo:

1st prize:

Two travel vouchers each in the amount of 500 EUR to be awarded to one au pair and to one host family

2nd prize:

Two Kindle Paperwhite ebook readers (one each for a host family and an au pair) with a value of approx. 100 EUR.

3rd prize: 

11 Amazon gift certificates in the amount of 15 EUR for au pairs or host families

With the  submission of your entry by email you indicate your acceptance of the AuPairWorld 15 Year Anniversary Contest Rules. (see below)

As soon as we have received all the entries we will present them on the AuPairWorld Facebook page. And this is where things get really exciting. The photos that receive the most "likes" will be our contest winners.

Have fun with your photo shooting. We'll be looking forward to seeing and sharing your photos from around the globe!

+++ This contest is now closed, but you can take part in the new one! +++

 Here are the winners!

1st prize: A €500 travel voucher goes to both:

Au pair Maria from Colombia and host family Knappe from Denmark

2nd prize: A Kindle Paperwhite Ebook Reader goes to both:

Au pair Suchi from Indonesia and host family Guerrand from France

3rd prize: Amazon gift certificates for €15 go to these 11 winners:

You can see all the submissions on our Facebook page in the Photo Gallery for Au Pairs and the Photo Gallery for Host Families

Congratulations to all the winners from AuPairWorld! We will be informing winners individually in the coming days. Also many thanks to everyone who sent photos and to the many others who took part in the contest by "liking" the entries! It was a great birthday present for us to hear from all of you! 

AuPairWorld 15 Year Anniversary Contest Rules

Conditions of participation:

  • All persons are eligible to participate except for employees of AuPairWorld and their family members. Participation of minors is only possible with the consent of the minor's parent or legal guardian.
  • Only photos that conform with our criteria and which include the requested information will be accepted.
  • With the submission of your materials (photo and text) by email, you give your consent (revokable at any time) that AuPairWorld shows this content on its Facebook page as part of the 15 Year AuPairWorld Contest for the purposes of voting by visitors to this Facebook page. In addition, submitted material may be used for an anniversary video that will be produced for the presentation of the AuPairWorld website on the website itself and through other channels. Your may withdraw your consent at any time by email, telephone or letter to the specified contact address. Your material will then be deleted. The content of your consent can be accessed at any time on this Internet page
  • Each participant (each au pair or host family) can only participate in the contest with a single photo.
  • There is no guarantee that any particular photo will be published and participants have no right that their photos will be published.
  • With their submission, participants confirm that their photos are free of any and all third-party rights. AuPairWorld reserves the right not to publish inappropriate photos and photos that have not been taken by or under the direction of the participant.
  • With their submission, participants confirm that consent has been obtained from and for any persons appearing in the photo. AuPairWorld will assume no responsibility for claims of third parties.
  • Participants confirm their agreement that their photo may also be published on the AuPairWorld website.
  • With their submission, the participants confirm their agreement that their name and place or origin are published together with their photos.
  • Contest winners are not entitled that the prizes they receive are in any way altered or supplemented or rendered as a cash payment in lieu of the designated prize.
  • Contest winners will be notified by email. If winners do not respond within ten days, their selection as contest winners will be revoked and a substitute winner will be selected.
  • AuPairWorld reserves the right to change or correct the contest rules or conditions of participation. Contest results are final and no legal recourse will be allowed.