AuPairWorld and you – Send us your video!

Send us your own 10-second video and have a part in the short film we're making about AuPairWorld.

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We're making a film about our company that could go by the name: "AuPairWorld behind the scenes!" And what would AuPairWorld be without au pairs? That's where you have a role to play. Send us your own short video, in which you simply introduce yourself with the following sentence:

Hi, my name is (....) and I'm an au pair in (your host country and city)."

You can say this sentence in your own language or in the language of your host country – which ever feels best and simply use your smartphone to shoot the video. Pick a favourite spot in your host country, perhaps with a famous landmark in the background or simply at home on the couch. What's important is that your video is not longer than 10 seconds and not larger than 10 MB. When it's finished, simply send it to us by email at this address: Deadline for entries is 20 February 2014.

With the submission of your video you indicate your agreement that we may include your video material in our AuPairWorld film and release it on our website and other media. We reserve the right to shorten, edit and rework submitted videos. 

We are really looking forward to receiving your videos and having a look! And if your video doesn't happen to appear in the film, don't be too disappointed. Unfortunately, we won't be able to include everything that we receive. 

On our Facebook page we've uploaded a short example video from one of our employees to give you an idea of just what we mean. 

So, get your cameras rolling and have fun. We'll be waiting.