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Due to the floodwater catastrophe, misery is rife in Pakistan: According to UNICEF, nine million children are suffering from the consequences of the floods. And they are increasing daily.


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UNICEF is leading the coordination of the relief measures in the sectors of water supply, nutrition and  child protection. It is mainly polluted water, which threatens children in Pakistan.

In order to support the relief measures in Pakistan, AuPairWorld has donated 1000 Euros. We hope that our contribution will partly help alleviate this great misery. We also hope to create a domino effect, as many small donations will eventually create a large sum. So, are you with us? Are you ready to give your donation to the United Nations Children's Fund?

Your Help is Needed

300 UNICEF employees are on the ground in the different regions of the country. Many projects have already been accomplished. The United Nations Children's Fund calls for more funds to help the flood victims in Pakistan.

This is how UNICEF has already helped the children of Pakistan:

  • Supply of 2.2 million people with clean water. 585 water tank lorries are on duty all over the country for this purpose.
  • Distribution of more than 2.1 million water purification tablets.
  • Establishment of 135 child protection centers, in which 23,000 children are supported.
  • Establishment of more than 2,200 hygiene kits, as well as schools-in-a-box and recreational kits.
  • Medical treatment of more that 4 million people, 3,000 health workers take care of pregnant women and children.
  • Immunization of 1.2 million children and women against dangerous diseases.
  • Medical care.
  • Provision of nutrition for 36,000 children, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women to avoid deaths from malnutrition.

(Source: UNICEF Germany, September 2010)