Summer holidays: The perfect chance to go abroad as a summer au pair

In the summer holiday period, families throughout Europe are looking for short-term summer au pairs to help with childcare while school is out of session. This could be your chance to have a great adventure.

Summer au pair and host kid

The best summer ever

Who hasn't dreamed of setting off in the summer to discover another country – to see new places, meet new people, experience the world.

Being a summer au pair can make all of that possible for you!

Summer au pair: A whole new world of experience

Taking on an assignment as a summer au pair gives you an important role providing childcare in a foreign family. And it opens the door to great opportunities: 

To experience a foreign culture in the real, up-close context of daily family life To experience a foreign culture in the real, up-close context of daily family life To make new friends, experience new places, to live like a native and not like a tourist To improve your foreign language skills in a real-life setting To have a foreign adventure that you finance yourself – with free room and board plus pocket money from your host family


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How does a summer au pair stay work?

  • Your host family asks you to join them because they need your help with childcare as part of the family team.  
  • To make a good team together, you need to be ready to give this help and to enjoy working with children.
  • Typically au pairs work between 25 and 35 hours a week taking care of the children and helping out with the family routine.
  • For this you have a place to stay with your family, meals and pocket money.
  • As a summer au pair, usually you will work mornings and afternoons while the host parents are at their jobs and the children would otherwise be in school.
  • Sometimes the au pair stay also coincides with family vacation time and you'll be invited to accompany your host family on their summer holiday trip.

Great opportunities in Spain, Italy and France!

Especially families from Spain, Italy and France are looking for summer au pairs this summer. In these countries, your chances are really high to find a great host family. In Spain, Italy and France are exprecting you amazing landscapes, exciting cities, beautiful beaches and great food. The biggest advantage is that you will get a second family away from home.

Main summer holiday times in some destination countries

Grphic of the summer au pair holidays


Once you have created a profile on AuPairWorld, please adjust your start and end date as well as the lenth of the stay according to the holidays of your preferred host country. On that way your EasyFind shows you the host families who are looking for a summer au pair.

What's it really like?

Here are some reports from and about other young people who have been a summer au pair:



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