Au Pair Giovanna C.

female, 22 years
I am living in Brazil, Nationality: Brazilian
Mother tongue: Portuguese
Good knowledge of English, Portuguese
Basic knowledge of French, Spanish

Start date: 06 / 2020 - 12 / 2020
Duration stay: 3 - 24 months
  • I am searching for
    a host family in Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom
    in a big city, in a small town, in the country
    no preferred region
    with children of ages 0 to 15
  • Related Info
    Willing to work for a host family who smokes
    Driving licence
    Willing to help with housework
    Child care experience
    Comfortable working with special needs children
    Available to work in single parent families
    Vegetarian or vegan
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  • Dear host family

    I was an Au Pair in the United States before the pandemic started.
    Here goes few things about me: Great swimmer, creative and responsible. I love outdoors activities as much I love read books, listen music and wacth Disney movies/TV shows.
    I speak English fluently and Portuguese is my native language. I'm self-studying French and Spanish for personal reasons and would love be an Au Pair to learn these languages (and teach what i know too)!
    I'm on my 20s but I've lived a lot for my age! I have been to United States, Canada, France, Netherlands, England and Spain. I moved back to Brazil to stay close to my family during this tough time and now I'm ready to a new adventure!
    PS: you can check my video application I made on february 2019, which was before my entire experience improving

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