Au Pair Isabella T.

female, 22 years
I am living in Brazil, Nationality: Brazilian
good knowledge of English, Portuguese, Dutch
basic knowledge of Spanish

Start date: 03 / 2019 - 08 / 2020, Duration stay: 1 - 24 months

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Dear Family

Hello dear family!

I'm Bella, Im from Brazil and I've just finished my au pair year in Belgium, where I took care of 3 kids (boy 9yo, girl 6yo and girl 1yo).
I speak Portuguese, English, Dutch, Spanish and some German.
I like to be an au pair, mainly in Belgium because there has been always a challenge for me.. I mean, take care of 3 children, learn a language which is completely different to me, and living abroad without my own family, all this things made me grew up a lot here.

So that is why Im here again searching for a new host family.

About me

About my skills, I can specify the top 3:
1. I LOVE to cook! I already did cooking classes so I love to cook and try new recipes.
2. I drive since I was 18 years old and being modest, I drive very well. I also have experience driving in snow.
3. Im very creative, so any child that stay with me, never will be bored.

When I was 17 years old I was accepted in a Federal University in the olher side of my country, and my mom cant move with me to there, so I did it by myself and alone. I lived in Natal, state of Rio Grande do Norte, more than 1.800 milles from my native city. With this, I learn how to be a responsible and attentive person.
Living in Natal, I work with a lot of children.
First I worked in a beach resort, and my function was recreation with kids. Basically I play with them all over the day, at the beach or pool, playing soccer, dancing and singing too. They said that I was the "Beautiful aunt Isa" and I love them a lot!
We spend ours days doing a lot of activities together, since surf classes to playing theater.
After that I was a teacher of school reinforcement to kids from 4 to 14 years old. I teach them math, and that was a incredible experience for my life.
Besides that, I have 2 youngers sisters, Gabriella (15 yo) and Nicolle (5 yo). When Nicolle borns I was 15 years old so I took care of her whenever my mom needed. I made her food, changed her diapers, played with her, bathed her, and of course, gave so much love!

Why do you want to be an au pair?

I always had a good time with children, they always liked me, so I think being an au pair is a grateful experience for me, because I can teach a lot of things about my culture and my country, and learn with the children too, about your culture seen by the innocent eye of a child.
I am a calm, creative and funny person. Besides that I can consider myself as a responsible, flexibe and pro ative person too.

  • In my 21's brithday
    In my 21's brithday
  • Working at resort
    Working at resort
  • Working at resort
    Working at resort
  • Some of my passions
    Some of my passions
  • My cooks skills :)
    My cooks skills :)
  • My friends
    My friends
  • On my 21st birthday in July
    On my 21st birthday in July
  • Some trips with my family
    Some trips with my family
  • I am searching for

    Host family in Ireland
    in a big city, in a small town, in the country
    no preferred region
    Children between 0 and 16 years
  • Related Info

    Willing to work for a host family who smokes
    Driving licence
    Willing to help with housework
    Child care experience
    Willing to work with children with special needs
    Willing to work for a single parent

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