Entry regulations for au pairs

Which documents does your au pair need to enter Sweden? Is a visa required? A residence permit? Find out here what's necessary for your au pair.

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Before entering Sweden

Step-by-step guide for all au pairs to complete before entering Sweden:

  • Obtain a health certificate issued no more than 3 months before the date of departure
  • Provide proof of any previously acquired Swedish language skills, a statement of interest in the Swedish culture (for example certificates from any relevant studies in history or politics), or proof of anticipated benefits from studies in the Swedish language and culture
  • Enrol in a language course, which should fit around the au pairing schedule. Au pairs from some countries need a certificate of enrolment in order to apply for a residence permit
  • Draft and sign an au pair contract with between the host family and au pair, specifying details of duties, working hours, pocket money, holiday entitlements, etc.
  • Check that passport is valid, and will remain valid for the entire duration of the au pair stay

For au pairs who are EU/EFTA citizens and citizens of Nordic countries, completing the above steps is all that is needed to be able to enter Sweden as an au pair.

Non-EU Citizens - Apply for a work permit
(+ visa if required) before entering Sweden
Citizens from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea - Apply for a Working Holiday Visa

All au pairs entering Sweden require a work permit which is applied for through their local Swedish Embassy or Consulate General. It costs SEK 1,000, and all the documents listed above will also be needed when applying. Certain waiting times also apply.

Note: If your au pair has worked as an au pair in another country before planning an au pair placement in Sweden, this may reduce their chances of being granted a work permit in Sweden, as the authorities tend then to think that the au pair is principally interested in seeking regular work as a nanny, rather than becoming an au pair for reasons of cultural exchange.

Au pairs staying for less than 3 months and coming from one of these countries require a visa as well as a work permit to enter Sweden. In such cases, the au pair contract serves as an invitation. The application costs 60 Euros. The au pair receives a Residence Permit Card from the Swedish Embassy or Consulate. Fingerprints and a photo will be taken at the Embassy for this purpose.

Apply for a Working Holiday Visa, via a Swedish embassy or consulate general, to enter Sweden. The application costs SEK 1,000, and all the documents from the step-by-step guide will be required, plus proof of secure regular income (the au pair pocket money). Be aware of the applicable waiting times.

After entering Sweden

Citizens from the EU/EFTA - As of 1 May 2014, citizens of these countries no longer need to register  their Right of Residence when staying longer than 3 months in Sweden for study or work.

Citizens from Switzerland staying longer than 3 months - Apply for a Residence Permit within 3 months of arriving. A copy of the au pair contract will be needed, and certain waiting times apply.

Citizens from Nordic Countries only need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)  upon arrival in Sweden.

Au pairs who require residence/work permits and are staying longer than 3 months - The au pair should schedule an appointment with your local Migration Board Permit Unit to have their fingerprints and photo taken for their Residence Permit Card shortly after arriving in Sweden.

Register with the Swedish Tax Agency 
Shortly after arriving in Sweden au pairs should register with the Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency) which will be able to provide more information on the exact amount of tax an au pair pays. Note: Despite paying tax, au pairs still receive a monthly pocket money to the value of SEK 3,500 gross.

Register with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)
To be covered by social insurance in Sweden, au pairs simply register with Försäkringskassan. Those with a European Health Insurance Card from their home country are advised to take this with them, as this may automatically provide them with coverage. Everyone who lives or works in Sweden is entitled to certain benefits when registered with Försäkringskassan, including basic healthcare, disability coverage and other insurance benefits.

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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