The au pair contract, insurance, driving licence etc.

Here you will find some information on au pair related topics such as the au pair contract, insurance and safety.

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The au pair contract

It is important that you and your au pair decide on your mutual expectations before the au pair stay and write down whatever is important to you in the au pair contract. By doing this, you will avoid future disappointments. We recommend that you sign the official au pair contract according to the European Agreement.

In Spain, there is no competent authority or body monitoring au pair placements. Therefore, host families do not need to hand in a third copy of their contract to any of the local authorities. However, au pairs from outside the EU or EFTA entering Spain on a visa need to deposit a third copy of the au pair contract at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their own country when applying for their visa.

On our page Costs, working hours, time off etc. you will find more detailed information on the general regulations for the au pair placement.

Termination of contract

The legal period of notice is two weeks. This period allows you to find a new au pair and gives you time to help your au pair find another host family or to arrange their trip home.

Health insurance

Au pairs cannot be registered with the national insurance scheme in Spain. You should help your au pair find insurance cover in Spain if they have not already taken out medical insurance for their stay.

Is your au pair an EU citizen?

Au pairs in Spain are covered by the European Health Insurance Card. They can apply for a card at their own insurance company prior to departure. If the au pair cannot obtain this card from their health insurance company, they need to take out private insurance in Spain so that they can benefit from instant healthcare.*

Is your au pair a non-EU citizen?

Au pairs must check in their own health insurance policy prior to leaving for Spain if they will be covered throughout their entire stay. Should this not be the case, they will need to take out a private health insurance.*

*Note: Spain has signed the European Agremment on the Au Pair Placement with some modifications. One of them specifies that au pairs and host families must equally share the cost of private insurance constributions.

Driving and driving licence

Many families require an au pair who has a driving licence. However, you should ask the au pair beforehand if they have adequate driving experience.

Before the au pair comes to stay with you, you need to sort out liability issues and insurance: you need to be well informed about who would pay for damages cause by the au pair.

Before an au pair drives your car, you need to find out if their driving licence is valid in Spain. If it is not valid, the au pair will need to obtain an international driving licence prior to travel.

Be on the safe side:

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We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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