The au pair contract, insurance, driving licence etc.

According to the Norwegian au pair programme, host families need to take out an insurance for their au pairs. Furthermore, the following page will give you an idea about what you can do for your own safety.

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The au pair contract

You should sign the standard contract for au pairs in Norway with your au pair. Au pairs who are citizens from outside the EU or EEA need the contract to apply for their work and residence permit. EU citizens need the contract to register with the Norwegian police.

Cancellation period

The contract has a cancellation period of at least four weeks. This applies to both au pair and host family and takes effect as soon as either party has been informed. Any cancellation needs to be done in writing. Host families may not cancel the contract without giving good reason. The au pair may ask you to provide your cancellation in writing. Your au pair, on the other side, may cancel the contract without giving reasons. In case of a severe breach of contract, both au pairs and host families may cancel the contract with immediate effect.

Should the contract be cancelled before the au pair's residence permit expires, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) or local police department need to be informed. The cancellation of your contract does not necessarily mean that your au pair must leave Norway immediately.

Health insurance

In Norway, au pairs who have a valid work permit automatically become members of the National Insurance Scheme. Citizens from EU countries and the European Economic Area (EEA), who do not require a residence permit, are also covered by insurance as au pairs in Norway.

As a member of the National Insurance Scheme in Norway, the au pair pays insurance contributions. The Norwegian Tax Administration determines the amount of tax the au pair needs to pay and deducts it from the au pair's pocket money.

Other types of insurance

In Norway it is compulsory for host families to take out an additional au pair insurance. This insurance is valid for the entire au pair stay and covers the cost for the return trip, for instance, if the au pair falls ill. As a host family, you bear the total cost of this insurance.

The insurance only covers your au pair and is non-transferable. It remains valid even if your au pair decides to change host families while staying with you. In this case, you continue to bear the cost for the insurance. According to the law, you may not ask your au pair to share the cost. The same applies if your au pair cancels the au pair contract for any other reason or if they are not granted a residence permit for Norway.

If you do not ensure that your au pair is covered by insurance, you infringe the au pair contract. In this case, you must pay for the au pair's return trip.

You may take out the au pair insurance in Norway or in any EU or EFTA country. It is also possible to take out the insurance in the au pair's home country if the local insurer is recognized by the Schengen community.

Car driving and driving licence

If you expect your au pair to drive your car, they should not only have a driving licence, but also some practical experience to drive your children safely.

Clarify with your au pair to what extent they are insured and who pays for the damage in the case of an accident.

If your au pair does not stay for more than 12 months, they may use the driving licence of their home country to drive in Norway. Should the au pair's stay exceed one year, your au pair must apply for a driving licence at the Norwegian Customs and Excise. The local public traffic services in Norway can provide you with more information on this topic.

How to be on the safe side

  • Have you already spoken to your future au pair on the phone or via skype? Read the most important questions to ask au pairs to get to know them before you make the final decision whom you want to host.
  • Would you like some tips on how to search safely on AuPairWorld? Maybe you already have an au pair but have questions about how to prepare for the stay? Read our tips on safety and security.
  • Ask your au pair if they have a basic knowledge of English or Norwegian to allow them to express their needs and wishes. The au pair should be able to warn your children of dangers, such as hot cooking plates or approaching cars.

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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