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The au pair contract, insurance, driving licence etc.

Here you will find some information on au pair related topics, such as the au pair contract, insurance, etc.

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The au pair contract

The host family and the future au pair should always clarify in advance what they expect from each other and sign a contract in which the most important points are defined. Thus, any future disappointments can be avoided. A basic contract is provided by the agency arranging the placement.

Contract termination

The legal period for contract termination is 14 days. This gives both the au pair and the host family enough time to find a replacement and to organize the return trip. During this time the au pair is still entitled to receive pocket money. On serious grounds the au pair contract can also be terminated immediately without any period of notice.

Health insurance

In the Netherlands it is required by law that host families take out Dutch basic health insurance for their au pair. Basic health insurance is available for all residents and covers the standard cost of general and specialist physicians, hospital visits and pharmacy costs.

In addition to basic health insurance the host family is also required to take out au pair insurance. This insurance contains accident and liability insurance, medical repatriation and baggage insurance for the au pair. There are insurance plans in Netherlands developed specifically for au pairs, like the ISIS au pair insurance and Young Global Traveler health insurance.

Driving and driving licence

You should clarify with your au pair beforehand if they are expected to drive. Should this be the case, you should find out if they are an experienced driver.

It is also a good idea to clarify questions such as: who is held liable in the event of damage or theft? Will your insurance be extended to your au pair? We recommend that you contact your insurance company beforehand to ask whether your insurance can be extended to include your au pair.

If your au pair comes from outside the EU they are only allowed to drive for half a year in the Netherlands with their foreign driving licence. After this time, they will need either to exchange their driving licence or to obtain a Dutch driving licence. For this, they need to take a written and practical exam. The written exam can be taken in English. Of course there are costs associated with the exams, which vary per driving school. We advise host families to pay for the costs of the Dutch driving licence of their au pair.

Be on the safe side

  • We strongly recommend you to discuss all important details concerning the au pair placement with your future au pair well in advance. On the following page you will find some useful questions you should ask your au pair.

  • Have you already spoken personally with your au pair? In a telephone conversation, you can quickly find out how well you get along with each other. For more tips concerning your personal safety, please click on our Security page.

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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