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Did you find a suitable Au Pair on and would you like her/him to come over to the Netherlands? Au Pair International is glad to be of service. Host families who have found an Au Pair by themselves can use our special ‘self-match service’. We offer this kind of service to Au Pairs from most countries in the world (sadly not the Philippines).

The following information is provided by Au Pair International (who is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information).

Self-match service of Au Pair International 


With our self-match service you and the Au Pair you have chosen can take full advantage of our cultural exchange program. We screen your Au Pair candidate on the following: Language skills, social skills, health, his/her affinity to work with children and light housework. We ensure that the expectations of both parties correlate. We take care of the application of the visa and / or residence permit for the Au Pair and we provide advice on the flight tickets and the required insurance. In addition Au Pair International will help you create the Au Pair schedule. We provide the Au Pair with different excursions throughout the exchange year to make it a memorable experience. Au Pair International offers all year round support and advice to both parties. We provide the Au Pair with contact information of other Au Pairs in his/her area, so that the Au Pairs can enjoy the year and the excursions with new friends.

Au Pair International is a trusted, proactive and energetic Au Pair agency. We want to provide Au Pairs and host families with a pleasant and culturally enriched year, by providing both the host families and Au Pairs with the support and guidelines needed to make this a great experience. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) made Au Pair International a Legal Recognised sponsor/mediation agency for the Au Pair program. This means that we meet all the quality requirements that the government sets for all mediation agencies. This seal of approval gives Au Pair International authorisation to submit the application for Au Pair visas and residence permits to a special fast-track service. At the moment we are one of the few agencies in The Netherlands who is entitled to submit applications through an electronic portal.

The office of Au Pair International is situated in Leek (near Groningen). We offer our services throughout the whole of The Netherlands though.


  • Au Pair International does not charge additional intake fees. The below mentioned costs are all-included-fees.
  • We recommend host families to request that the Au Pair pay for his/her own flight ticket.
  • In case a mismatch would occur within a period of two months after the arrival of the Au Pair, we offer a 50% discount on a new pre-match service fee. (For more information please check our guide for host families and our General Terms).
  • Visit our website for a full overview of the costs related to the Au Pair programme (pocket money, insurances, language course, etc.).
  • VAT is included in the below mentioned fees.  
Au pairs from the European Union

Self-match service: € 847

Au pairs who need a residence permit (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan)

Self-match service: € 726
IND residence permit fee including application handling fee: € 996.90

Au Pairs who need a visa and residence permit (other countries)

Self-match service: € 847
IND visa and residence permit fee including application-handling fee: € 996.90

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Contact details Au Pair International

Address back office:  Hoge Traan 22, 9351 VV, Leek
Opening hours:  Monday - Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm
Email address:
Phone number:  +31(0)50-5020005
Skype:  Au Pair International Support, api58_3

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