How to host an au pair from a non-EU country

Find out step by step the entry requirements for Luxembourg for your au pair from a non-EU country

Register as a family

The following steps apply to au pair stays of longer than three months. Find out more information on stays of less than three months at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Signing the au pair contract and preparing the approval as an au pair

So that your au pair can obtain their visa and official recognition as an au pair in Luxembourg, they must obtain approval as an au pair from the National Youth Service (SNJ) and supply all of the substantiating documents. First of all agree on the terms and conditions of the au pair contract, sign three copies and send them to your au pair. Your au pair will then sign them as well and send them back to you, accompanied by the following documents:

  • application form for approval as an au pair duly completed,
  • a certificate of study which gives them access to higher education in their home country or which shows that they have been in education up to the age of at least 17,
  • a medical certificate dated by less than 3 months showing their good health and physical aptitude to be able to carry out taking care of the children and light household duties,
  • a copy of their passport.

Is your au pair from an EU country? You will find more information on the page How to host an au pair from the EU.

Step 2: Prepare your approval as a host family

In order to host an au pair you must obtain approval as a host family from the SNJ.
To do this you need to complete the application form, available online and attach the following documents:

  • a household composition form dated by no longer than 3 months,
  • a certificate of good conduct dated by no longer than 3 months from all members of your family over the age of 18,
  • proof that the daycare of your children who are under 6 years of age is planned.

Step 3: Submit your application to the SNJ

Before your au pair arrives with you, you must submit an application to the SNJ. The application consists or 3 copies of the au pair contract (signed by both parties), your application for approval as a host family as well as the documents which the au pair sends to you. The SNJ approves the application and then returns 2 validated copies of the contract back to you as well as the approval as an au pair and your approval as a host family. You then need to send one of the copies of the contract and the approval as an au pair to your au pair.

Step 4: Apply for authorisation of temporary stay

Due to their country of origin, the au pair needs to apply for authorisation of temporary stay with the Department of Immigration. As well as the application form, they must send the following documents with the application.

  • a copy of their passport,
  • a birth certificate,
  • a certificate of good conduct,
  • the approval as an au pair.

Please not that you must submit the originals or certified copies of the documents. Also, if the documents are not written in French, English or German they must be translated by a sworn translator. Your au pair will receive their authorisation of stay in the post and it will be valid for 90 days.

Step 5: Apply for a visa

If your au pair is subject to a visa obligation, a visa application type D must be submitted to the Luxembourgish embassy or consulate or, failing that, to that of one of the countries which represent Luxembourg in the deliverance of visas (Belgium or the Netherlands) from the au pair's home country.
The visa will be valid for a maximum of 3 months and will be attached to their passport in the form of a sticker.
If the au pair stay in Luxembourg is for less than three months, a visa of short stay (type C) must be applied for. 

Step 6: Declare the arrival of your au pair

In the three days following the arrival of your au pair, you should accompany them to your town municipality to drop off their arrival declaration. To do this, they must bring with them:

The municipality will release a copy of their arrival declaration.

Step 7: Medical examination

Before applying for a residence permit, your au pair must first have a medical examination, carried out by an established physician in Luxembourg. The fees of the consultation are not reimbursed by the social security. Then they must pass a tuberculosis screening carried out by the Medico-social Association (LMS).
The results of the analysis will be sent directy to the Medical Service of Immigration (SMI) who issue a medical certificate. This is then transferred to the Department of Immigration, in charge of evaluating residence permit applications.

Step 8: Apply for a residence permit

In the three months following the au pair's arrival in Luxembourg, your au pair should submit an application for a residence permit to the Department of Immigration. The file for the application must consist of the following documents:

Step 9: Provide biometric data

After applying for a residence permit, your au pair will receive a letter inviting them to submit a photo and a sample of their digital fingerprints to the Department of Immigration which will be intergrated into their residence permit. At the time of the submission of their biometric data, the Department of Immigration will give them a date on which they can collect their permit.

Step 10: Take the residence permit and obtain a certificate of residence

Accompany your au pair to the Department of Immigration on the date indicated to get their residence permit. Then take them with their passport to your town municipality to confirm their arrival declaration and obtain a certificate of residence.

Note: As the duration of the au pair stay is limited to one year, it is not possible to renew or change the category of the permit.

Step 11: Register your au pair with the CCSS

You must register your au pair with the CCSS (Communal Centre of Social Security) to establish health and accident insurance in their name, covering the duration of their stay with you. To do this you need to submit a entry declaration to the CCSS. The CCSS then send you evidence of registration, which you need to send to the SNJ in the course of the first month of the au pair stay.
As the au pair's pocket money is not considered as a salary, you are solely responsible for the costs of the affiliation with the social security. At the moment, the costs amount to €93.63 per month.

For au pair stays of less than 3 months:

If your au pair is not staying for longer than three months, the amount of regulations for entry and for the stay in Luxembourg are reduced. As well as submitting a file for validation to the SNJ (steps 1-3), you must help your au pair in applying for their short stay visa (step 5), in presenting their arrival declaration (step 6) as well as registering them with the CCSS (step 11).

Useful links:

Guichet public: offical site on the necessary requirements for becoming an au pair in Luxembourg
Accueil Aupair: institutional site covering the theme au pair stay, managed by the National Youth Service
SNJ: official site of the National Youth Service
Ministerium of Foreign Affairs: information on visas
CCSS: information on registering with the CCSS

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