Costs, working hours, time off etc.

As a host family, you will, of course, be interested in topics such as working hours, free time, pocket money and holiday entitlement as well as the language course. 

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Duration of stay

In Luxembourg, the au pair stay should not exceed one year.


Your au pair takes care of your children and helps out with light household duties. The exact tasks should be clarified in the au pair contract. It is also a good idea to describe to your au pair what an average day as an au pair at your home will be like. That way, your au pair will know what tasks are expected of them. It is important to make sure that the participation in every day household duties is, in no way, the main task of the au pair.


Hosting an au pair will inevitably lead to an increase in your costs of living. In effect, during the stay of your au pair, there is another adult living in your home.

Board and lodging

Your au pair should be provided with full board and lodging throughout their entire stay with you. The au pair should also have their own bedroom.

Pocket money

The amount of pocket money that the au pair receives should correspond to one fifth of the national minimum wage,  which is reviewed every year. The corresponding amount is €409 per month. This sum should be mentioned in the au pair contract and you must transfer it into a bank account in their name. The payment is made every month regardless of the working hours of the au pair. The pocket money is not subject to tax or social security, which applies to salaries.

Language course

It is obligatory for the au pair to follow a language course for foreigners or a Luxembourgish culture and civilisation course. You are responsible for the costs of this course. Language courses are offered by universities, evening schools, as well as by other educational institutions. You should help your au pair to choose a course for a year, a semester or a summer, according to the duration of their stay.

Working hours

The time spent doing family tasks should not exceed 5 hours per day and 25 hours per week, babysitting included. Do not forget to allow your au pair to follow a language course of one of the languages of Luxembourg or a course about it's culture and civilisation. 

Free time

Your au pair has the right to three evenings, one complete day off per week, and two more days off per month. Your future au pair may not participate in any other form of paid or independent employment throughout the duration of their stay.

Holiday entitlement

According to Luxembourgish regulations, you should allow your au pair two days off per month.

In Luxembourg., there are no official regulations with regard to public holidays for au pairs. We recommend that au pairs have a day off on public holidays. Only in exceptional cases au pairs should work on public holidays. The host family should discuss this with their au pair beforehand.

Useful links:

Guichet Public: the official site of the Luxembourgish administration which informs you of the au pair stay

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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