The most important information for au pairs

Can I become an au pair in France?

Do our Quick Check to find out if you can work as an au pair in FranceHere you can check if you fulfil the requirements (e.g. age, nationality, etc.) needed in order to become an au pair in France.

How do I become an au pair in France?

Prepare your stay following our step-by-step guideFind out which formalities need to be proceeded in order to organize your placement (which documents are needed, etc.).

Pocket money, working hours, time off etc. in France

Find out more about the practical aspects of au pairing What kind of support does your host family expect from you? How many holidays are you entitled to? Who pays your language course? Here you can find these and many other details about the au pair placement in France.

Don't forget: the au pair contract, insurance etc. in France

Do not forget to sign an au pair contract and to have a valid insuranceFind out if you need to sign a contract with your host family and if you will be covered by insurance in France. This page provides useful information on the driving licence and your safety abroad.

Frequently asked questions on the au pair stay in France

Three children staring at the Eiffel TowerFind out the questions other au pairs have concerning the au pair stay in France.

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