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Find many details about various topics, such as the au pair contract, pocket money and working hours of your au pair.

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The main duty of your au pair is to look after your children. Helping with light housework can be requested as well.


Hosting an au pair consequently implies higher living costs. Be aware of the fact that an au pair is an additional adult living at your home.

Board and lodging

An au pair is entitled to free board and lodging at your home during the entire stay. The same applies in case of illness and during the au pair's holidays.  

Pocket money

Au pairs in Belgium are entitled to at least 450 euro pocket money per month. Your au pair has to open a personal bank account in Belgium so that you can pay their pocket money per bank transfer. You are not allowed to give your au pair the money in cash.   


As a host family, you have to subscribe to health and accident insurance as well as insurance for potential repatriation costs for your au pair.  

Working hours

In Belgium, au pairs are not allowed to work more than 4 hours a day (babysitting hours included) and 20 hours per week spread out over a maximum of 6 days a week.  

Free time

Au pairs in Belgium are entitled to at least one day off per week. You can agree on this day with your au pair.Should your au pair insist on a specific day on grounds of religious convictions, please respect their choice.


Au pairs' holiday entitlement is not regulated in Belgium. However, we recommend that for 12 months of work an au pair receives at least two weeks holiday. You can use this as a reference if your au pair is staying with you for a shorter period of time. Speak to your au pair beforehand about how much holiday they will receive. It is important to know that au pairs are entitled to pocket money during their holidays as well.

In Belgium, there are no official regulations with regard to public holidays for au pairs. We recommend that au pairs have a day off on public holidays. Only in exceptional cases au pairs should work on public holidays. The host family should discuss this with their au pair beforehand.

Language course

Au pairs from non-EU countries have to attend a language course during their stay. Your au pair needs to be given the opportunity to take part in a Dutch, French or German language course, depending on the language you speak at home. The course has to be offered by an officially recognised institution – private tuition, distance learning courses or private school courses are not accepted. If your au pair does not have a basic knowledge of your language before their arrival, they will have to attend an intensive language course upon arrival in Belgium. As a host family, you will also have to prepare a cultural programme for your au pair so that they can learn more about the country's culture. 

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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