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The au pair contract, insurance, driving licence etc.

Should you sign an au pair contract? Which type of insurance does your au pair need? What else can you do for your safety? This page will provide you with the necessary information.

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The au pair contract

There are no offical regulations on the au pair placement in Australia. But, we recommend that you sign an au pair contract with your au pair, in which you clarify in advance what you expect from each other, ensuring a fair work arrangement between you and your au pair. It is important to define the exact tasks, working hours and free days of the au pair in the contract.

Termination of contract

There is no official notice period for the au pair contract for Australia. But, if you wish to terminate your contract, we recommend you do so by giving two weeks' notice, leaving enough time for you to find a replacement au pair and either organise the au pair's return trip or help them find a new host family.

Health insurance

Foreign citizens are not covered by the Australian national health insurance. This means that, in case of illness, your au pair bears the expenses for medical treatment and hospitalisation. Persons who enter Australia on a temporary visa, are generally not entitled to health treatment in this country. (Exception: citizens from Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Ireland and New Zealand. Citizens of these countries can receive treatment through their coutry's reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, entitling them to use the public health service, if necessary. However, they are not entitled to claim any further benefits.)

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship recommends that au pairs take advantage of the Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) througouht their entire stay in Australia. It usually covers the cost of hospitalisation for medical reasons and part of the practioner's fee. Your au pair can obtain this insurance cover from health insurance or general insurance companies in Australia. However, they can also take out insurance with an insurance company outside of Australia.

The OVHC insurance cover differs in terms of costs, entitlement and benefits. The Australian government's Private Health Insurance Ombudsman recommends that foreign citizens compare various insurance products. Tips on how to find the right insurance cover  can be found on their website.

Please note: To claim medical benefits in Australia, your au pair will need a Medicare Card (health insurance card). 

Driving and driving licence

If you want your au pair to drive your car, they should have sufficient driving experience and should feel confident enough to drive in Australia. It is possible that the au pair may never have driven on the left-hand side before. Furthermore, you should clarify who will bear the costs in case of damage caused by an accident.

In Australia, visitors may drive with a valid driving licence issued in a foreign country for up to three months upon arrival. After these three months, they either need an additional international driving licence, or the English translation of their driving licence. Please consult the pages of the Australian government  for more information.

Further types of insurance

Insurance coverage for the cost of general treatment

Apart from cover for medical expenses, your au pair can take out insurance covering the cost of general treatment (General Treatment Cover). This type of insurance covers part of the expenses for benefits, such as health care in private practices of dentists, eye specialists or physiotherapists.

Travel insurance

It is also advisable for your au pair to take out travel insurance for their trip to Australia, to cover the cost of baggage loss or repatriation due to medical reasons.

How to be on the safe side:

To prevent any disappointment upon your arrival, you should phone or skype your au pair as often as possible. Thus, you will be able to get to know each other before your au pair actually starts working for you.

We strongly recommend you to discuss all important details concerning the au pair placement with your future au pair well in advance. On the following page you will find some useful questions you should ask your au pair.

Please click on our section Security to find out what you can do for your own safety. 

Please make sure that your au pair has at least a basic knowledge of English before they embark upon their au pair adventure in Australia. They should at least be capable of warning your children of daily hazards, such as hotplates or approaching cars. 

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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