Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)

Does your au pair meet all the necessary requirements to travel to Australia on the Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462)? Find out how your au pair should apply for this type of visa and how it works here.

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Please note: There is only a limited number of Work and Holiday Visas for au pairs from certain countries.


To be able to apply for a Work and Holiday visa, your au pair needs to be aged 18 and 30 and be a citizen of one of the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA or Vietnam.

Furthermore, your au pair needs to meet other criteria, according to his or her home country. You will find a detailed overview of all (country-specific) requirements on the pages of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

How your au pair should apply for their visa

Step 1: Your au pair needs a valid passport

To apply for a Work and Holiday visa, your au pair needs a valid passport, which the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends should be valid for at least another 6 months after the au pair has handed in their application.

Step 2: Your au pair applies for the Work and Holiday visa

Your au pair should fully complete the application form for the Work and Holiday visa (form 1208) and add all necessary attachments and pay the visa application fee. Should your au pair come from Bangladesh or Malaysia, he or she must additionally provide his or her biometric data.

Your au pair should send their completed application by post or fax to the Australian Immigration Office in the country where their passport was issued. They will tell the au pair as well if she or he need to meet further local criteria. Sometimes, however, the au pair has to hand in their application in person. Citizens of the USA may apply with any Australian immigration office outside of Australia or apply for their visa online.

The authorities will confirm the au pairs' application upon receipt. Check the different visa processing times to know how much time your au pair should wait for a response. 

If the visa is approved, the au pair will receive confirmation by post or e-mail. Your au pair should always have this notification at hand, as it describes the visa conditions. The visa is electronically linked to the au pair's passport number, indicated at their application. The au pair can always view his or her visa online via the free online service VEVO.
Unless the Department states otherwise, the au pair will not need a visa sticker in his or her passport. But if required, the visa sticker is available at any Australian Departmental Office.

Work and Holiday visa conditions

The Work and Holiday visa is valid for 12 months. If your au pair applies for the visa from outside of Australia, it is valid from the date they enter Australia. This visa allows young people to work only 6 months for the same employer. On the other hand, au pairs entering Australia on a Work and Holiday visa are allowed to stay with their host families for up to 12 months if given signed permission by an Immigration Secretary or by signing a Form 1445.

Once your au pair arrives in Australia

Regardless of the visa the au pair applied for to arrive to Australia, they need a so called "Working With Children Check" when providing childcare. Depending on the state, there are different names and procedures:

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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