Don't forget: the au pair contract, insurance etc.

Have you sorted out all the important documents you need? Read this page to find more information on the au pair contract, insurance and your safety in general.

The au pair contract

There are no official regulations concerning the au pair placement in Australia. Therefore, you should sign an au pair contract with your host family in which you can include your mutual expectations. It is important to put into writing what your concrete tasks will be, how much holiday you are entitled to, how many hours you will have to work per week and how this working time will be scheduled, for instance.

Termination of contract
There is no official notice period for the au pair contract for Australia. But, if you wish to terminate the au pair contract you have signed, we recommend you do so by giving two weeks' notice, leaving enough time for your host family to find a replacement au pair and for you to either organise a return trip or find a new host family.

Health insurance

Foreign citizens and temporary visa holders are not covered by the Australian national health insurance and are not entitled to medical treatment either. This means that you will bear the cost for medical treatment or hospitalisation by yourself. The only exception are the citizens of Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom, who can receive treatment through their country's reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, entitling them to use the public health service, if necessary. However, health care is the only benefit available to these citizens.

Medical treatment can be very expensive in Australia. Therefore, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship recommends that foreign visitors in Australia take out insurance (Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC)) for the entirety of their stay. It usually covers the cost of hospitalisation on medical grounds and part of the cost of the medical fee. Insurance cover can be obtained from health insurance companies or general insurance companies in Australia. However, you can also take out insurance with an insurance company outside Australia which guarantees cover while you are in Australia.

Driving and driving licence

Do you wish to be employed by a family who needs an au pair with a driving licence? In this case, you should have sufficient driving experience. Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road. Please consider carefully whether you can comfortably and safely drive under these conditions if you are used to driving on the right-hand side of the road.

Should you be driving your host family's car, you should clarify with them beforehand to what extent you are covered by their insurance. You should also discuss who would bear the cost in the event of damage.

In Australia, you are only allowed to drive as a visitor with a valid driving licence issued abroad for up to three months upon your arrival. After these three months, you either need an additional international driving licence or at least the English translation of your driving licence. In this context, which Australian state you work in as an au pair is important. More information can be found on the pages of the Australian government.

How to be on the safe side

  • To prevent any disappointment upon your arrival, you should phone or skype your future host family as frequently as possible while you are still in your country. This way you can get to know each other before you actually start working in their home.
  • We strongly recommend you to discuss all important details concerning your au pair stay with your future host parents well in advance. On the following page you will find the most important questions you should ask your host family.
  • Would you like some tips on how to search safely on AuPairWorld? Maybe you already have a family but have questions about how to prepare for your stay? Read our tips on safety and security.
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of the language spoken in your host country to be able to express your wants and needs? It is especially important that you are able to make yourself understood in case you feel ill or if you need to warn your host children of an imminent danger.

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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