Ways to socialise in your host country

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Au pairs who would like to have contact with other au pairs in their region can visit us on Facebook to do this. All you need to do is post on the AuPairWorld Facebook timeline that you are looking for other au pairs in your region.

Please note that AuPairWorld cannot provide addresses of other au pairs who are working in your area.

Attending a language course is also a good way to get to know new people as an au pair. Depending on your personal interests and hobbies, the same applies to joining a sports club or a choir. There are lots of possibilities if you simply follow your interests and imagination. Also when you are abroad, you can continue to pursue your hobbies and make new friends in the process. Checking the notice boards at a local university can lead you to interesting opportunities to meet new people, too. Typically different courses and leisure activities for young people will be presented there, often with an international orientation. These various options should make it possible for you to meet nice people from your host country and from other countries, as well, during your au pair stay.

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