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It is highly advisable that au pairs have a valid health, accident and liability insurance during their stay in their host country. You can purchase travel insurance from our partner, Dr. Walter.

Why is an au pair insurance important?

An au pair insurance is the first step to a carefree au pair stay for au pairs and host families. The health insurance should cover all treatment costs abroad. Accident and liability insurance are adviseable, in some countries even obligatory.

The insurance regulations differ from host country to host country. In Germany,  host families are, according to the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), obliged to insure their au pairs accordingly.

  • EU au pairs working in the EU

    If the au pair is insured by law, the social security agreement of the EU member states stipulates that she or he is entitled to emergency treatment within the European Union, but not all doctors and hospitals accept the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). In general, the coverage only comprises basic "appropriate“ health care . Standards of basic health care may vary from country to country. Additional au pair insurance can bridge the gap and compensate for missing services as well as offer important additional health services, such as return transport in case of illness.

  • EU au pairs working outside the EU

    EU citizens, who wish to work as au pairs in non-EU countries, will not normally benefit from their statutory EU health insurance. Therefore, additional insurance should be taken out for the duration of their stay abroad. If they are privately insured, EU citizens should clarify with their insurer as to whether the insurance covers them whilst abroad and outside of the EU. If so, it is important to know which services are covered in the host country.

    It always depends on the host country, who should bear the insurance costs. In addition to health insurance, it is advisable to take out accident and personal liability insurance.

  • Non-EU au pairs working inside and outside the EU

    For non-EU au pairs, who work in or outside the EU, the regulations of the host country apply. A health insurance is required in any case.

In our section Info host countries host families and au pairs can find the insurance regulations, which apply for the respective host countries and who should bear the costs. We recommend that au pairs clarify in advance with their host families details of the insurance coverage.

Our insurance partner

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Over the years, insurance expert Dr. Walter GmbH has specialised in providing insurance policies for long-term stays abroad. Dr. Walter offers a range of specific policies for young people wanting to study abroad, take a working holiday, do a language course or stay with a foreign family as an au pair.




Au Pair Insurance from Dr. Walter

Whether you are an au pair going abroad, or a family looking to welcome a foreign guest into your home, Dr. Walter GmbH's insurance policies are tailored to your exact needs, combining health, accident and liability insurance into one policy. The Dr. Walter team are at your side throughout your stay, and are here to support you in case of accident or illness.

Dr. Walter has been active in the au pair field for many years now and therefore has good knowledge of the au pairs' and host families'wants and needs, as well as any problems they may face. Together with the Association for International Youth Work (Verein für internationale Jugendarbeit), Dr. Walter has, over the past 50 years, developed a range of specialist insurance policies for au pairs, enabling au pairs and host families to find the right insurance policy for them, regardless of country. A list of these policies, which can be taken out online, or through a telephone consultation with the Dr. Walter team, can be found in the overview below.

Our insurance policy for au pairs worldwide

Who the insurance is for Who takes out the insurance Further information
Au pairs worldwide Au pair or host family PROTRIP-WORLD

The Dr. Walter team is always happy to offer advice:

Telephone: +49 (0) 2247 9194 -41

* The information on this page was written by Dr. Walter GmbH for AuPairWorld. AuPairWorld therefore takes no responsibility for the content, and asks that you contact the insurer directly for assistance or advice.

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