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On this page you can find au pair insurance providers. Our partners will be happy to advise in more detail on the policy options that will suit you best.

It is highly advisable that au pairs have a valid health, accident and personal liability insurance during their stay in their host country. In most countries, it is compulsory for host families to take out insurance for their au pairs and to bear the relevant costs.

Insurance regulations vary from country to country: in some countries, au pairs may be co-insured with their host families. In other countries, host families must take out an individual policy for their au pairs. Au pairs who come from the EU are possibly automatically insured for stays in other EU countries.

In our section Info host countries host families and au pairs will find insurance regulations concerning the relevant host countries.

Our insurance partners
Dr. Walter

Dr. Walter offers insurance for:

✔ Au pairs worldwide

✔ Au pairs in any country - wherever they are from

✔ Protection for au pairs and host families

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Care Concept

Care Au-Pair offers insurance for:

✔ German au pairs worldwide

✔ Austrian au pairs worldwide

✔ Au Pairs in Germany

✔ Au Pairs in Austria

✔ Au pairs in the EU

Mr. Zuccaro is available to advise you by telephone at +49 228 97735-84 or via email at:

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Logo von Klemmer International

Klemmer International offers insurance for:

✔ Au pairs in Germany and Austria

✔ German and Austrian au pairs abroad

Ms. Lozancic is available to advise you by telephone at +49 8041 7606-305 or via email at:

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Insurance for EU au pairs within the EU
Insurance for EU au pairs outside the EU

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