Free movement of persons

Keywords:Free movement of persons

The right to free movement allows EU citizens to live and work in other EU member states. The same applies for citizens of the so-called EFTA and EEA states.

According to the EU treaty, EU citizens are entitled to travel to other EU countries to:

  • seek employment
  • work without a work permit
  • live there for working purposes
  • stay there even after their job contract has been terminated

What does 'free movement' precisely mean for au pairs?

If an au pair coming from an EU or EFTA member state wishes to work in another EU or EFTA member state, he or she:

  • does not need a visa and
  • does not need a work permit

Special regulations currently apply for citizens of the "new" EU member state Croatia. Until 30 June 2020, they are subject to restrictions concerning free movement in certain countries.

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