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A new partner for AuPairWorld

AuPairWorld's new partner is the most visited platform for language course reservations in the world. With the combination of AuPairWorld and Language you get:

  • An overview of 13,345 language courses in 480 cities (and always growing)
  • Lowest prices guaranteed – and always less than when you book directly at a listed school
  • Free expert advice from the friendly language travel support staff at
  • Thousands of independent, up-to-date of language school reviews from other students

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An au pair stay plus language school instruction – The perfect combination

  • Learning a second language doesn't happen from one day to the next. And it works best when you follow a mix of learning strategies.
  • Combining the deep immersion that comes from being in the country where the language is spoken with classroom instruction where you learn about the language's grammar and structure is the classic way for au pairs to make the most of the learning possibilities provided by an au pair stay.

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Get started on your language learning journey with expert help

  • Doing a comprehensive search for course possibilities will help you find the best school. Our partner are experts in helping young people find the language courses that they need to gain the skills they want to have.
  • Start you search today and get started on one of the greatest learning adventures there is – speaking a second language like a native and discovering new worlds of possibility!

Make progress with your favourite foreign language!

One of the biggest takeaways of an au pair stay is an improvement in your foreign language skills.

You can also use the resources at to find a language school before, during or after an au pair stay. 

Immersive language training in a country where your target language is spoken is the gold standard for language learning. With you have the perfect tools to plan a language learning trip that will bring you top benefits:

  • A great school in the city of your choice
  • Accommodation if you need it
  • The chance to meet other young people
  • A super learning adventure

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