15th anniversary of AuPairWorld

"15 years' AuPairWorld!" That's what we celebrated together with many industry representatives, partners, friends, employees and family members. Over 100 guests spent a lively and enjoyable evening at the Kassel Schlosshotel on September 5 with great food, great conversation and lots of dancing.

Many thanks to all our guests from near and far who came to join us in celebrating our 15th anniversary at AuPairWorld and helped make it a very special evening ! (Photos: Mario Zgoll)

  • Uwe Regenbogen (AuPairWorld founder) next to an AuPairWorld banner
  • The management team and partners of AuPairWorld
  • Some kids that attended the party
  • Ann-Kristin in a small talk with some guests
  • Some guests from Netherlands  posing for a photo
  • Uwe Regenbogen giving his opening speech
  • Ann-Kristin receives a present on behalf of AuPairWorld from some guests.
  • Three guests arrived to the party
  • Uwe Regenbogen receives a present from one of the invitees
  • Uwe Regenbogen's first au pair and her friend
  • Ann-Kristin Cohrs, Uwe Regenbogen and Heike Fischer around the AuPairWorld birthday cake.
  • Heike Fischer welcomes some guests
  • Two guests posing for a photo
  • Three invitees getting acquainted
  • Some guests with a bouquet of flowers greet Uwe Regenbogen
  • Other two guests who attended the party.
  • The service staff pouring glasses with wine
  • This is how the party looked like
  • A caring mother, her daughter and her friend
  • Uwe Regenbogen talks to a family
  • One of the service staff members waiting on guests
  • Guests and AuPairWorld members socializing
  • Uwe with another gift
  • Two guests posing before the camera
  • AuPairWorld staff members chitchatting
  • The AuPairWorld crew mingling with some guests
  • Some attendants came with their children
  • More guests getting acquainted
  • A new group of guests
  • Other AuPairWorld members in a small talk
  • Some other members of AuPairWorld
  • Two guests enjoying their drinks
  • A happy family
  • Some guests met at the terrace
  • Another group that enjoyed the outside area
  • Two guests with two different styles: formal and informal
  • This is how the gift  table looked like
  • Uwe speaks with a guest after his speech
  • All the guests at the opening speech
  • The group of Netherlands in a new photo
  • Uwe interviews one of the AuPairWorld co-workers
  • A father and his son
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